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Mt. Kenya Climbing

Mt Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mt Kilimanjaro at 5199 meters ( 17058 feet). The mountain consists of three principal zones - rocky peak area, fascinating Flora and fauna as altitude changes and dry upland forest. The true montane forest Begins at 2000m. Mt Kenya Being the highest in Kenya has a myth of it's kind. The tribe by the name kikuyu' The biggest tribe in Kenya used to believe that their God used to leave on the top of Mt Kenya whom they also called "Ngai" The Kikuyu held Mt Kenya as a sacred place, which they faced when praying or offering sacrifices to "Mwene-Nyaga" (God). For those who want to go to the top of Mt Kenya. The Twin Summit, Batian and Nelion require technical climbing, while mountain hikers reach point Lenana the third highest peak standing at 4985m quite easily .Also known as "tourist peak"



DAY 1: Nairobi - Naru-moru youth Hostel

Leave Nairobi at 9.00 a.m across the central highlands to Naru-moru youth hostel. Three hours drive. Overnight at the camp.

DAY 2: Youth Hostel - Met Station
After breakfast, leave Naro-Moru gate, for a one hour drive by a 4 wheel vehicle arriving at the gate at 10.00 a.m. Check in here and start hiking, following the crest of broad ridge between Naru - moru valleys, Northern and Southern, 9km walk. Dinner and overnight at Met Station at 3050m.
DAY 3: Met Station to Mackinders Camp
After breakfast, cover 14km, taking 5 - 6 hours to ascend 1150m. Head uphill on the track to pass the Radio Signal Station. After half an hour, proceed through tussocks grass to reach Teleki Valley and Mackinders Camp at 3300m. Dinner and overnight.
DAY 4: Mackinders Camp - Point lenana
Mackinders Camp to point Lenana, 5km in three and a half hours to ascend 785m. The usual way of doing this stage involves starting at 3.00 a.m. To go to the summit of point Lenana at 4985m for the sunrise. After sunrise, descend to Old Moses Camp at 3300m. Dinner and overnight - 7hr walk.
DAY 5: Lenana - Old Moses
After breakfast, walk for 2 hours through the rain forest to Sirimon Gate to connect your transport back to Nairobi.


Route: Sirimon - Chogoria
DAY 1: Sirimon Traverse Chogoria
Leave Nairobi at 9.00 a.m. 9km, 3 - 4 hours, 690m ascend, arriving at Naru-moru town at 1.00p.m. After Lunch proceed to Mau Mau Caves for a 14km nature walk. Overnight at camp.
DAY 2: Sirimon Gate to Old Moses
After breakfast, leave at 8.30 a.m. for a one and half hour drive to the Sirimon gate and drop off here. Follow the track as it winds uphill through the forest and then across a small stream. On the left is judmaier Camp at 3340m. Dinner and Overnight.
DAY 3: Old Moses to Shipton Judmaier camp to shipton's camp
direct 15km, 6-7 hours to ascend 890m. After breakfast, leave at 7.30 a.m. going uphill for one hour to the junction of Liki North, crossing Ontulili river and to the top ridge overlooking the Mackinders valley. After mid-day enjoy your picnic lunch and then proceed to Shipton's camp, 4200m. Dinner and overnight.
DAY 4: Shipton's Camp to Point Lenana
755m ascent, 6km. Leave at 2.30 a.m. Have tea and biscuits and start ascending at 3.00 a.m. towards a steep ridge of scree passing the square turn until you reach Point lenana, 4985m. You get here at around 6.30 a.m. for the sunrise. If the weather is clear, Mt. Kilimanjaro's Kibo and Mawenzi peaks are visible. Descend down to Mintos hut, 4200m, for full breakfast. Thereafter, to the Gorges Valley viewing Hall Tarns, Lake Machaelson, Lake Ellis and Vivien Falls. Dinner and overnight at Chogoria's Banda.
DAY 5: Chogoria - Nairobi
Walk in the morning after breakfast; descend for a long walk, 32km through the Bamboo Foreest to Chogoria town to connect your transport to Nairobi


Day 1:
Leave Nairobi for Chogoria village {1650m}. Dinner and overnight at Transit Motel.
Day 2:
Transfer to10 km mark on Chogoria forest line for 10 km to Meru Mt. Kenya lodge campsite {2950m} for dinner and overnight.
Day 3:
Hike for 10 km to L.Ellis campsite {3400m}. Hike to mugi hills {3640m} for acclimtization. Dinner and overnight at the camp.
Day 4:

Hike for 10km to Mintos hut {4300m} for dinner and overnight.

Day 5:

Hike to Shiptons camp {4200m} via Simba col {4600m} foor dinner and overnight.

Day 6:
Attempt Pt. Lenana {4985m} at 3.30am. After sunrise, take the summit circuit path via American camp to SShiptons camp {4200m}for dinner and overnight.
Day 7:

After breakfast descend to old moses camp(3300m) for dinner and overnight.

Day 8:

After breakfast descend to old moses camp(3300m) for dinner and overnight.

Day 9:
Leave the mountain via sirimon gate for the transfer to Nanyuki village for transport back to Nairobi where the tour ends

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