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Sample Trips

Where and how to go

It is completely up to you which route  you want on your trip. We however understand that it can be difficult for "outsiders" to plan a trip without knowing the area, weather and prices. We have therefore beneath made some sample trips so you and your group can get a better understanding how a typical trip could look like. You should start by choosing the place you want to go


safaris in Kenya 

Safaris in Tanzania


Trekking and mountain climbing

Mt. Kenya
Mt Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa after Mt Kilimanjaro at 5199 meters ( 17058 feet). The mountain consists of three principal zones - rocky peak area, fascinating Flora and fauna as altitude changes and dry upland forest. The true mountain forest Begins at 2000m. Mt Kenya Being the highest in Kenya has a myth of it's kind. The tribe by the name kikuyu' The biggest tribe in Kenya used to believe that their God used to leave on the top of Mt Kenya whom they also called "Ngai" The Kikuyu held Mt Kenya as a sacred place, which they faced when praying or offering sacrifices to "Mwene-Nyaga" (God). For those who want to go to the top of Mt Kenya. The Twin Summit, Batian and Nelion require technical climbing, while mountain hikers reach point Lenana the third highest peak standing at 4985m quite easily .Also known as "tourist peak"
Kilimanjaro huge snow caped summit dome, rising high above the surrounding savanna, is one of Africa's all-time classic images. At 5896m (19344ft), Kilimanjaro is the highest volcanic mountain in Africa and one of the highest volcanoes in the world. With the right preparation, you can walk all the way to the summit without the need of ropes or technical climbing experience.


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